Friday, January 7, 2011

Adsense for YouTube


Hi friend. Your blog is really helpful and provides to the point, cut-to-cut answers. I appreciate your work. I just wanna know how to use adsense with youtube, I am from India and have and Indian pub id. I searched a lot to know, found that the program is limited to certain countries. if you have any update about that, then it's a request to give some update about youtube-adsense also. Thanks :)


I believe this has been discontinued...  at least I do not see it as an option when selecting a type of Adsense Ad to create.

I did try Adsense for YouTube when it was still available.  If memory serves me correctly, you could choose from a limited number of videos that could fit with the topic of the page to which you will be inserting the ad.

I would suggest that you make your own video for whatever topic and place regular Adsense for Content ads around your video.

Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks for your answer. I'll try the later one you told, i.e. placing ads around the video.
    Thank again :)