Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Long Will It Take to Upload My Video?

I've seen a lot of questions asking how long it will take to upload a particular video to YouTube...

This depends on certain things...

One... how big is the movie file you are uploading? The bigger the file, the longer it will take... If you keep your video in high resolution, these files tend to be very big...

Second... how fast is your upload rate? You may need to take one of the online speed tests to see what your upload rate is... for me, mine is about 40KB / sec...

I have created the following calculator to help you estimate your upload time... I might make other calculators or generators in the future... to ensure that the code works, please display only one calculator or generator one page at a time...

File size:
Upload Speed:
Estimate Time to Complete:



Is this calculation in bytes or bits?


This calculation is in bytes... not many people understand the speeds in bits...


  1. great post. very helpful. thanks!!

  2. Its good, but the youtube servers must be pretty slow considering it says here it would take me 16 minutes to upload a 6GB file but it says around 270 minutes on the youtube uploader.

  3. It depends on what you entered for parameters...

    Also note that for 6GB, you need to enter 6000MB (approx.) in the calculator. I also entered 200KB for the speed as a sample... the calculator estimates that it will take 9 hours 28 minutes for it to upload...

  4. thanks! very handy!