Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How do I create a link that goes to a specific time?

Have you been wondering how to create links to videos that advance to a specific part of a YouTube video?

If so, I have create this little generator to help you create the link. You will just need to enter the address of the video and the time to advance to (minute and second)...

The address should have the format:[Video ID]
Also, make sure that only one generator displayed on the web page at any time as the code between multiple generators may conflict with each other...

Hope this generator is helpful...

Video Address (URL):



Copy This Link:

Test Link:



How do I post a YouTube video link on a comment on YouTube ???


You should be able to post the link in with your comment... never posted a link within a comment before, however, so cannot confirm this myself...

Big question would be if the address will be converted to a link when you save your comment... Usually, comments are plain text and HTML is not allowed...


  1. Hi friend. Your blog is really helpful and provides to the point, cut-to-cut answers. I appreciate your work.
    I just wanna know how to use adsense with youtube, I am from India and have and Indian pub id. I searched a lot to know, found that the program is limited to certain countries. if you have any update about that, then it's a request to give some update about youtube-adsense also.
    Thanks :)