Friday, November 21, 2008

What can I do to upload a good quality YouTube Video?

  1. Use DIVX or XVID avi files... these codecs usually produce the most color and resolution in a compact size.

  2. Use MP3 encoded music/audio for the background of your video... like DIVX and XVID are the best formats to use for video, MP3 is the best for audio.

  3. Make the resolution of your video 320 x 240... For the new wide screen format, use 640 x 360... This way, you will ensure that your video looks good in this resolution before you upload it to YouTube. If it is any larger, YouTube will modify your video to this resolution and the resulting video may downgrade because of the conversion process.



How can I do this if I'm really bad with computers?


This does take a bit of learning to accomplish this... Try going to your local library and look for a book that could guide you step-by-step in how to create a good video for posting on YouTube. You need to make these tweeks before you actually upload the video if you want to ensure that your video has the best quality... otherwise, you will be dependent on the conversion method of YouTube if your video does not meet their requirements and need to be shrunk in size and resolution.


  1. I think that the original Square screen should be an option. The rectangle screens shoul be optional, or a default unless the user changes the default to the Square Screen. These so-called "improvements" Youtube has been making don't apply to some of us as "improvements", so I think that some of these "new" and "better" things should be optional.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. can anyone recommend software to change the resolution?

  3. The provided Windows Movie Maker should be able to adjust the resolution.

    You can also check out the open source apps available. Try them out until you find one that does what you need done or produces the quality you want. Best thing about open source software is that they're FREE.

  4. what is the best format to upload on youtube without having youtube convert it?

  5. I think YouTube will need to process/convert your video regardless of format to ensure that it is optimized for playback.