Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to create a YouTube video using Microsoft Movie Maker

This is not a tutorial on how to import or splice clips together... I'll pretend that you already know how to do all that... I'll also trust that you have kept the limits in might while creating your video masterpiece... if you do not remember, the limits are:
  • Your video is 10 minutes or less
  • The size of your video is 1024 MB or less

So, let's say you've spent many hours creating your video an you're ready to upload it to YouTube...

  1. Click: File --> Save Movie File
  2. Choose: My Computer (as the location of your movie file)
  3. Click: Next
  4. Type: Filename (what do you want to name your movie file)
  5. Browse: To the folder you wish to save your movie file
  6. Click: Next
  7. Click: Show More Choices Link (to see if your video is within the size limit)
  8. Make any necessary adjustments.
  9. Click: Next
  10. Wait while your video is saved.
  11. Click: Finish
  12. Upload to YouTube

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