Monday, November 10, 2008

How do I show my Favorites on my channel?

Although this was originally created to change the appearance of your Favorites, you may also change the following on the Channel Design section:
  • Featured Video
  • Subscriptions
  • Playlist Box
  • Recent Activity Box
  • Videos Box
  • Video Log Box
  • Subscribers Box
  • Friends Box
  • Comments Box
  • Groups Link
  • Color theme of your channel
...  just check or uncheck the box next to the items you wish to show or hide...

Now, to continue with updating the Favorites...
  1. Log on to YouTube.

  2. Click: Account

    You should see your Account Overview page

  3. Look in the first section where it details your statistics (how many videos you've watched, how many subscriptions, etc.)

  4. To the right, you will see a couple of links.

  5. Click: Edit Channel.

  6. Click:  Channel Design (left menu)

  7. Scroll down past the Playlist section

  8. Find the check box:  Favorites Box

  9. Check the box

  10. Select whether you want a Grid View or Compact View

  11. Click: Update Channel

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