Saturday, November 8, 2008

How do I promote myself on YouTube?

There are many questions asking how you can get more views or more comments?

The answer to both these questions is promotion. You have to increase your friend base which will naturally increase your views and comments.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Add many keywords that describe your video to make it easier for people to find it when searching...  include synonyms (other words that mean the same thing) to the keywords that you selected...

  • Check out some videos with a similar topic to your videos... perhaps you can create a video response to their videos... it will help generate some traffic to your videos and perhaps increase your subscriber base.

  • Make sure you do not disable your EMBED code... If people like your video enough, this will allow them to post your video on their web pages or in email, thus generating views.

  • You can also try a new software tool that can assist in your promotion needs...


Good luck...


  1. Nice ideas! Really helpful!

  2. What if you can't do any of those things? this wasn't helpful

    1. Those listed were basic suggestions. Feel free to be creative and learn from those that have popular videos.

      If you have additional ideas, please share.


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  4. If you video response (simple) and it is accepted on a good video and it's a good video cha ching subscribers and views.