Sunday, November 9, 2008

How do I make a slide show with Windows Movie Maker with music?

Watch this tutorial video... it is very good instructional video on how to create the simplest movie you can make... a slide show...

The author will guide you step by step from putting your photos into Windows Movie Maker... then dragging them into the movie time line and adding music...

Lastly, the step that many people forget, is saving the movie to a file that you can upload to YouTube...

Then, upload the video.

If you want to make a video from a number of small clips, go here.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation and don't want to recreate it in Windows Movie Maker, you can use a screen capture program to record your screen as you play your PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show.

If you just want to know how to convert the Microsoft Movie Maker Project File to a WMV file which you can upload to YouTube, advance to that section of the video.

Comments Received

YouTube won't let me put the music I want... how do I do this?

Unfortunately, YouTube must comply with any copyright claims from the owner of the music you may be trying to include with your video. You can try using music that has been preapproved for inclusion in your videos.

I have been seeing videos with copyrighted music that have a link to purchase the music from Amazon or other vendor. If more copyright holders see inclusion of their music as free advertising, this might become an issue of the past soon.


  1. Hi, it wouldn't let me do anything on the maker, well, it did but, I got mixed up! ~Rachel

  2. i am going to make an awsome music video cheek it out around halloween 2012 it will be called halloween night

  3. How do I upload an audio file with one or more images?


  4. You would need to make a video out of the audio file and whichever images you would like to include. YouTube only accepts video files...