Sunday, November 9, 2008

How do I change my profile picture?

  1. Log on to your account

  2. Click on top menu: Account --> More...

  3. Click on left menu bar: Profile Setup

  4. Expand:  About Me

  5. Click:  Change Picture

    A pop up will appear (so make sure it is not getting blocked)

  6. Choose:  Upload an image

  7. Click:  Choose file

  8. Select the file you wish to become your profile picture

  9. Click:  Save Changes


  1. What about how to change the positioning of picture you upload for a channel? It always goes to the top middle of the page... right under the subscription bar. The 'repeat picture' looks tacky. Do you know how to move it to the side or somewhere else so it's visible?

  2. Unfortunately, this can only be done using CSS which is not an available option in YouTube's themes section.

    Perhaps they'll open it in the future... until then...

  3. Is that how you do it on a phone

    1. The steps on this post is using the web version of YouTube.

  4. mine says it has to be less than 1MB
    what do I do!?

  5. Open the picture file in a graphic program and reduce the size of the picture or crop out any part of the picture that doesn't need to be there.

    Then, you can save it in JPG or PNG format which will reduce the file size even more.