Sunday, October 20, 2013

How do I create a link that goes to a specific time (2013)?

YouTube has made many updates to make this simple and straight forward.  This functionality was a "secret"  and not fairly obvious before, but not any more.

  1. Open the video you would like to "Share".
  2. Below the video, click on the Share link.
  3. You will notice a text box containing a web address that you can copy and paste to any web site you wish, either your own web site or on a social media site.
  4. Next to the text box, you will see a check box with a "Start at:" label.
  5. Type in the starting point in this text box of the part you wish your friends to see right away.
  6. The web address will be updated with the time "code" necessary for YouTube to know where to start the video.
  7. Copy ( CTRL+C ) and paste (CTRL+V) this updated address to your web site.